Mavic 2 Zoom+Value Package


Mavic 2 Zoom + Value Package $24.99/Day

The Package Include: Drone Landing Pad • Spare Propellers • Charging Hub • Bag • 64GB microSD Card

Security deposit will be PAID IN STORE 

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Safety & Policy

  1. Always fly in open areas. No trees, buildings, telephone poles, etc.
  2. Always make sure there are no obstacles between the drone and your home point.
  3. Always fly VFR (Visual Flight Rules).
  4. Always fly under the 400 foot ceiling.
  5. Always fly during the daytime.
  6. Always take off and land on a non-metal flat surface.
  7. Always give right of way to manned aircraft.
  8. Always make sure the battery is firmly locked in place securely before flying.
  9. Always make sure the battery is at 100% before taking off.
  10. Always start flying to the home point when the battery level gets to 20%.
  11. Always make sure the props are properly fastened to the drone.
  12. Always calibrate compass if needed.
  13. Always land the drone immediately if anything abnormal is noticed.
  14. Never fly within a 5 mile radius of any airport without Air Traffic Control approval.
  15. Never fly near any manned aircraft or any other unmanned aircraft. Unmanned aircrafts must yield the right of way to manned aircrafts.
  16. Never fly near cell phones that are not in airline mode.
  17. Never fly in areas where there might be many Wi-Fi signals.
  18. Never fly in areas of magnetic or electromagnetic interference or disturbance.
  19. Never fly close to radio, cell, or microwave towers that could interfere with the operation of the drone.
  20. Never fly in the rain or snow or any inclement weather conditions.
  21. Never fly in windy conditions.
  22. Never fly indoors.
  23. Never land in wet grass or muddy areas.
  24. Never stand directly under the drone.
  25. Never fly over other persons.